Workforce Development


According to the Annual CEO Benchmarking Report, 64% of CEOs report having employee-related costs that constitute at least half of their overall costs. If you're in a labor intensive business--staffing, security guarding, commercial cleaning, landscaping--that number pushes 90%+. Yet today firms have very low yields on their human capital. Labor represents both the biggest cost and the biggest opportunity.

"Human capital is the new frontier."
Technology, industry consolidation, and a host of market factors combine to make workforce development the spotlight concern on today's strategy agenda. Firms that lag will continuously scramble and suffer margin erosion. Firms that shift their focus will enjoy competitive gains. And, firms that excel--developing best-in-class capabilities--will convert their biggest expense to a strategic asset, enabling them to leapfrog competitors and carve out new opportunities.

Spotlight brings a range of workforce development expertise rooted in a solid understanding of strategic analysis, finance, and business fundamentals. We'll capitalize on what you already have in place and then build hard-hitting, sensible programs that help you differentiate from competitors, win business, and make money.


Employer Branding
Specialized programs for firms with dispersed workforces --high numbers of field & front-line employees-- where structural turnover and tight margins are realities."

Good employees have options--and so do good clients who rely on these employees to deliver your services. Get in front of the tightening labor market with some simple steps to show them how your firm is different and better. The ultimate force multiplier is an employee who buys into the company vision and is excited about the work.
We'll help you identify impactful, but, sensible initiatives that offer low-risk and high-payoffs.

Training Program and Curriculum Design & Developmentg
From E-Learning & LMS integrations to blended & On-the-Job-Training programs to Sales & Service Playbooks

Off-the-shelf titles in the LMS are fine when you need to check a box for compliance purposes. But, they rarely move the needle on actual performance. Plus, trainees often find them overly-simplistic, dull, and unrealistic.
We'll help you develop programs that're customized to your employees, cost-effective, and reflect real-life work situations.

Customized Case Studies
For Marketing, Screening, Training

In any given business, the same challenging situations arise over and over. The trickiest involve service, sales, and managerial encounters. One of the benefits of meetings and company events is that employees can exchange information "What do you do when a customer says xx?"
Your best performers know how to handle these situations. Most don't, meaning the same problems plague the firm again and again.
We'll help you identify and capture such cases. You can do multiple things with these captures: compile & circulate best practice strategies; develop job aids or quick training programs; solicit input from field personnel or crowdsource advice on social media; show clients how you overcome challenges; or test candidates in interviews.

Labor Market Review, Talent Optimization, Workforce & Job Analysis
Initiatives to support employer branding & staffing efforts, inform your strategic growth plans, or simply to add professional input to specific client proposals.

An informed understanding of the labor market is the foundation for any workforce initiative. We’ll analyze, segment, and develop targeting strategies that will help you staff, support, and energize even the most challenging workforces.  
We bring hard analytical and technical skills grounded in real operational experience.

Critical Encounters™
Our groundbreaking program for front-line employee communications.

Employees are the face of the firm. Your performance and reputation comes down to how outer level staff handle daily encounters. Spotlight has unique experience here. We've flushed out tactics through years of developing role-play and communications programs for the Spotlight Performance Simulation platform. We'll systematically map touchpoints and key interactions, compile best-practice messaging strategies, and develop scripts and hard-hitting communications training.


We specialize in labor-based services. Physical security services, staffing, pest control, hospitality, and other services where people are the "product," or at least a mainstay of the service offering. Such business models have unique demands and we understand them thoroughly.